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Welcome to the LCCT blog.


Members and friends of LCCT are regularly invited to write short reflective pieces on their work, mission, vocation and life in the city. These blog entries are sent out with our regular Project Development News and are recorded here for posterity.



Re-humanising community development

266399It was the first week on the job. A brand new project staffed by a brand new team of community activists, all eager to make a real difference to the people they'd be engaging with. Day one brings the obligatory team building fun – making rafts, climbing walls and other such useful exercises, instructed by a David Brent-like figure who genuinely believes the cliché-ridden advice he's spouting.

The Recession and Volunteering

What we knew to be inevitable has been confirmed. 'Savage cuts' to quote the softly spoken leader of the Liberal Democrats. 

This evening I walked from a schools steering group meeting highlighted by talk of budget cuts and hushed tones of another voluntary sector organisation hitting the wall into the world of a volunteer.

Sabbath and reflection in community work

256618I listened to a sermon by Tony Campolo recently. In it, he spoke about a study he'd read. 50 people over the age of 95 were asked what they would do differently if they could live their lives again. They said they'd: risk more; reflect more; and do more things that would live on after they died.

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