Office Accomodation and meeting space


One of the ways LCCT aims to facilitate networking and sharing between initiatives in the city is through facilitating a shared office space. We currently hold the tenancy for an office building in the city centre that houses around 30 different organisations and initiatives, a few of which are LCCT member projects, and all of which are part of a wider network of community and third-sector initiatives working for the good of the city.EborCourtcircle


LCCT holds the tenancy for the building and day-to-day management is delegated to a Building Users group and a part-time Buildings Manager. The ethos of the space is that all building users muck in to make the space work. We have office cleaners and a the part-time Buildings Manager who deals with day-to-day administration but it is not a serviced office, and to keep the costs low and to engender a community spirit, all building users contribute in some way to the practicalities of running the building (this ranges from sitting on the Building Users group, to being on the towel washing rota).


Because of the tenancy agreement we have, and the communally run nature of the building, we are able to offer low cost office space in a variety of ways, present rates are –


  • £20 per month for Hotdesking (where space is required for 1 day a week or less. Hotdesk users do not have a perment desk space but can use any free hotdesk when they come in).


Fixed desk spaces

Fixed desk spaces are available in shared offices at the following rates depending on the turn-over of your project/organisation...


  • £40 per month (turnover £0 - £25,000)
  • £45 per month (turnover £25,000 - £50,000)
  • £50 per month (turnover £50,000 - £100,000)
  • £55 per month (turnover £100,000 - £200,000)
  • £60 per month (turnover £200,000+)


Most of our available desk spaces are in shared rooms with other projects, but we do have a waiting list for projects/organisations that would like their own individual room. The cost of individual rooms is based on the number of desk spaces that fit in that room.


Meeting rooms of various sizes are available for building users to use for free, and can be booked for between £5 and £15 per hour by none building users depending on the size of the room.


To inquire about any of the options for office space or meeting room hire please contact our Buildings Manager here.