The people with the passion are the ones that make things happen

The mission of LCCT is to facilitate relationships which enable support, collaboration, development, learning and challenge for those involved in action and mission for the transformation of Leeds.

We work with people of all backgrounds who share our values of compassion, equality, hospitality, courage and hope. Our trustees are drawn from various Christian traditions, while project members can come from all faiths and none; what unites us is our desire to see a better  Leeds where all can flourish and contribute to the wellbeing of our city!

LCCT exists to both help projects pool resources and to facilitate mutual support between projects. As well as the legal and structural side of projects banding together for greater effect and efficiency, we seek to create opportunities for practical, developmental and moral support.

“Leeds Dads was looking for a structure to enable our project to move forward. LCCT has given us that as well as direction on finance and funding and has really helped us focus on our aims.”

Errol Murray • Leeds Dads


Shared accounting  & Shared Administration


Legal Structure
Charitable  Oversight


Development Support &  Learning and Training


Mutual Support Framework & Collective Voices