All for the Glory of God


So the Coronavirus legislation allows 'commemorative events celebrating the life of someone who has died' to take place in church buildings. Does this include the Eucharist? Or does the Resurrection rule it out?  (Bishop of Burnley on Twitter 3rd November 2020) A few years ago, a friend of mine attended a seminar on mission and

A covenant with Death?


A covenant with Death? Our way of navigating life today is vulnerable to Isaiah’s vision of a people who ‘have made a covenant with Death’  so that when the ‘overwhelming scourge passes through it will not touch us’?  We are confident we have the resources to get through any difficulty.     Or might it be true that,  behind all our Dunkirk-spirit

The Apocalypse of St. John


The old name for the book of Revelation was The Apocalypse of St. John I read an article a few months ago by Catherine Keller and John J. Thatamanil, theology professors in the U.S., entitled ‘Is this an apocalypse? We hope so – you should too’. The old name for the book of Revelation was

Building on the human spirit – sand or rock?


Building on the human spirit – sand or rock? In accepting the leadership of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer said the pandemic had “brought out the resilience and human spirit in all of us”  and he envisions a better society ‘built on that human spirit’.  What is that spirit?  Does it have anything better than those ‘British values’

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