Pray for Christians in Politics 

Christians in Politics (Leeds) has been able to develop during this Coronavirus Pandemic. In late March and early April we started our Left and Right Leaning gatherings, which happen termly and provide space for people to talk through sensitive issues. 

This is backed up by complementary WhatsApp groups which allow for ongoing conversation to happen on topical discussions. In November we had our all party gathering with guests Andy Flannagan (National Coordinator) and Dean Fryer Saxby as well as representatives from different political parties and Christians in Government in Leeds. 

There was a real sense of encouragement that we were to find our purpose in politics during this pandemic. Looking forward to what spring and the rest of 2021 will bring. 

Give thanks for God bringing Christians together from different political backgrounds.

Pray for more Christians to play their part in bringing Gods kingdom through political parties 


@CIPoliticsLeeds, Facebook: Christians in Politics – Leeds