Who We Are

LCCT is a Christian Charity rooted in the life and teaching of Jesus, seeking to work with people of all backgrounds who share our values of compassion, equality, hospitality, courage, and hope. Our trustees are drawn from various Christian traditions, while project members can come from all faiths and none; What unites us is our desire to see a better Leeds where all can flourish and contribute to the wellbeing of our city!
Meet The Team

How we work

LCCT is a charity that offers support and structure to fledgling initiatives or existing projects. Instead of setting up our own projects, we welcome into our charity framework inspiring community leaders that have started projects in response to needs on the ground. They are passionate about making a difference but soon find they need more than this in order to continue. LCCT acts as a ‘house’ and community whilst they learn and grow at their own pace.
What We Offer


We are open to individuals and groups from all backgrounds: We believe it is those who have a passion that have the drive to make things happen.

Faith Connection

LCCT enables the flow of information and connection between the wide range of churches and Christian groups in Leeds.


Originators, doers, organisers, activists, visionaries, pragmatists, people who are passionate about something and are making a difference.