Hope Is The Theme Of This Year’s Diary

Welcome to the 2021 Leeds Lent Prayer Diary which has been produced by Leeds Christian Community Trust in partnership with Leeds Church Institute. When planning last year’s diary, we had no idea how appropriate the 2020 theme of The Journey to the Cross would be. We couldn’t have imagined that the 2020 launch event would be one of the last public gatherings of the year, and that by Easter, church buildings would be closed. Many of the entries this year reflect on the struggles of 2020 and the experience of loss, but there is also a real sense of hope for 2021 and beyond. Hope is the theme of this year’s diary: The hope we have in God through Jesus Christ, and the confidence we have that God’s promises will be fulfilled.

Despite the difficulties of the past year, the projects and groups featured here are still out there, still responding to the needs of the city, often at considerable personal cost. As we work through the dates in the diary, we pray for them in 2021, and we give thanks for all they have done and been over the last year.

Thank you for supporting this diary and for your prayers. As we work though Lent each day, it is good to know that we will be together in prayer even if we cannot be together physically.