LCCT Celebrates 20 Years!

2023 marks 20 years of Leeds Christian Community Trust. The occasion was marked with a party at Christ Church Upper Armley, with guests from the humble beginnings up to present day. Current LCCT projects held activities throughout the afternoon, including a bouncy castle, a candy floss machine, potting plants, and crafts. There was also a game of Mindfulness Bingo, 3/3 Discipleship Training, and a Traditional Guinean Dance Class.

While guests ate afternoon tea, we had speakers sharing their experiences of LCCT, as trustees, project leads, and volunteers. Special mentions were made to Mike Love and Hilary Willmer who were involved in the beginnings of the charity, as well as Duncan Stow and Dave Paterson who have been involved in many ways throughout the years.

The day was a great success, bringing together old and new friends, and even locals in the community who joined in with the outdoor activities in the sun!