Leeds Dads

Brings together a diverse community of fathers for social interaction and support.

Started by a Leeds Dad who realised he wasn’t getting quality time with his daughter and most provision was for mums, Leeds Dads is a support group specifically tailored for Dads and their (mostly pre-school aged) children.

The group is not simply a place saying “come on and play with your kids” but “come on and interact with other dads that are also taking care of their children”… definitely [it has made a difference] because I feel more confident to just go out with [my son] and make things with him, but more than that, it made me reflect more about parenting.

Their monthly meet-ups are full of fathers, fun activities, crafts, trips, involvement in local festivals, Dads’ socials and a Dadstastic Fathers’ Day event that attracts over 1000 children and parents!


This year Leeds Dad’s celebrated their 10th anniversary. Watch the video below to see the highs and the lows of the project so far.

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Tel: 07562646603

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