Pope Francis’ Tips for Happy Living

1) ‘Live and let live’. The principle which the Pope says all of us should heed.

2) ‘Be giving of yourself to others’. The Pope added that ‘stagnant water becomes putrid’, meaning we should all make time to socialise.

3) ‘Proceed calmly’. Take life’s ups and downs in your stride.

4) ‘Consumerism brings anxiety’. Turning off the TV will make us more involved with each other he said.

5) ‘Sunday is for family’. Workers should have Sundays off whenever possible.

6) ‘Make creative jobs for young people’.

7) ‘Respect nature’. The Pope said threats to the environment are amongst our biggest challenges.

8) ‘Do not be negative’. Negativity ‘indicates low self-esteem’ and should be avoided.

9) ‘Do not proselytise’. He added: ‘The Church grows by attraction’.

10) ‘Work for Peace’. The Pope said we are living in a time of ‘many wars but peace can also be fought for’.

In summary, these simple tips encourage us not to be taken by consumerism, but to enjoy our leisure time and be accepting of others.