By Karen Williams

We are wanting to invite you to consider joining our growing team of bloggers.

Network Leeds is a Christian Communications Network with over 500 Churches, Christian Charities, and Christian projects listed and featured on our website. As part of Leeds Christian Community Trust, we work with people of all backgrounds who share our values of compassion, equality, hospitality, courage and hope. These values are reflected in the diverse member projects under our umbrella. We provide an online space that reflects Mission and Social Action in Leeds.

Purpose of the Blog:

In addition to keeping our audiences up to date and connected through the relevant content contributed by our readers, we would also like to provide a weekly blog to encourage our readers to connect with us.

Content type: The Blogs can be in the form of an article, commentary or a research report. These should be related to Mission/ Social Action.

Length Approximate number of words: 200 to 350 Words .

Where it will be used and reused:This will be published in our website, featured in our weekly newsletter and posts on our social media platforms.

Timing: once every two months or twice a year, if that would be more suitable for you.

To find out more or to apply please contact karen at