Bless Leeds 21 is a project which aims to prayer walk every street with an LS postcode between May and September 2021.  That makes it sound like a sponsored challenge.  Whilst there is no sponsorship involved, it is good to have a target.


Prayer walking is simply praying whilst walking.  It is probably best done alone or in pairs.  We suggest doing it discreetly, but with a sense of expectation that God might interject with something prophetic or possibly an encounter of some sort.


God told Joshua (Joshua 1:3) that He was going to give him … every square inch of the land (that he) set (his) foot on.  Prayer walking is an act of claiming the ground (Psalm 37:11 and 34), whilst asking for God’s blessing on the people who live / work/study / enjoy recreation / etc in a particular street.  We worship, give thanks, intercede and listen to the Spirit as we walk.

John H