Suitcase and Spectacles

Suitcase and Spectacles are a Yorkshire based children’s theatre company led by author Daniel Ingram-Brown and actor, Lynsey Aldrick. We specialise in fast-paced, interactive storytelling performances.

The pandemic stopped us touring in 2020, but we do have two exciting pieces of news – Lynsey became a mum to the lovely Lenny and Daniel’s new book, Bea’s Witch, received a publication contract and will be released July 2021. Please give thanks to God! 

We are currently developing stage and radio adaptations of Bea’s Witch, a ghostly coming-of-age story about an adopted girl coming to terms with her new family. 

A runaway adoptee encounters the ghost of a witch. She must wrestle her past to discover the witch’s secret and find her way home.

Please pray that we know where to focus our energy as we develop this project and for a successful book launch. If you’d like to pre-order a copy, it’s available online and from bookshops!