Pray for St. George’s Crypt

I was a stranger, and you invited me in…. Matthew 25:34

St George’s Crypt is a Christian charity based in the heart of Leeds. Homeless and vulnerable people come to us for help. We have been providing practical care and support since 1930; so this year marks our 90th Jubilee. Thank God that we have the opportunity to show his love to all who come through our doors. By practical loving care to people who are destitute and in despair, we proclaim the love of our Lord Jesus.

Pray with us that this year can see a return to our sit-down three course lunch for over 100 every day; a return to the sharing of good food and encouraging conversation.

Give thanks with us for the support of the city of Leeds, and pray that we may continue to receive the resources we need.

Pray for an increase in support services, as we care for those with mental health problems.

Pray for our Growing Rooms project, helping recovery from addiction. 

Pray that we have the wisdom to use our resources well; to make difficult decisions, and trust God.

May we and all those we care for be kept safe from attack, in body, mind and spirit. 

Give thanks with us for our new buildings; especially for Don Robin’s House in Wortley, due to open its doors to 25 residents this year. May it be a house of blessing. 

Pray for God’s blessing on the increasing numbers who will undoubtedly be coming to us this year.

Thank God that the Crypt, which was once a place of darkness and death, is now a place of light and life: a living sign of the Resurrection, of Hope and of Healing. 

Contact: Revd Roger Quick