Pray for Transformations Leeds

Our work has changed dramatically this past year as there’s been a dramatic reduction in the number of international students in Leeds and our regular meetings were cancelled. However God has opened up new opportunities as we went online. 

Firstly, we shared the good news of Jesus not only with international students in Leeds but also with people around the world. Our evangelistic course – Explore International –helped 35 seekers from 10 different countries hear about and open their hearts to God. 

Secondly, we developed both international students and international residents in the UK as godly leaders. Our God’s Apprenticeship Programme was described by one Singaporean participant as “increasing my confidence as a person of colour leading in the British church”. 

Praise God for these new fruitful opportunities. 

Pray for those who’ve heard about God to follow him. 

Pray for those trained in leadership to put what they’ve learnt into practice. 

Phil Thomas,