Pray for Mary’s Meals


Mary’s Meals is a global movement of people who believe that every child deserves an education and enough to eat. The charity now feeds more than 1.6 million hungry children in 19 countries every school day. Despite the extraordinary challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, Mary’s Meals has continued to provide life-giving and life-changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children, offering them hope for a brighter future. 

Our work is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, who brought up her own child in poverty and we consist of, respect and reach out to people of all faiths and none. We have many wonderful volunteers and supporters here in Leeds and across the UK, who help us raise funds and awareness of our mission. We are always keen to welcome new volunteers into the Mary’s Meals family! Will you join us? 

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.” – St Francis of Assisi

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PRAYER INTENTION: Please pray for the work of Mary’s Meals that we are able to reach more of the world’s poorest children with a nutritious daily meal in their place of education. We give thanks for the generosity of all our supporters and volunteers who help make our work possible, and for the little signs of hope