Pray for Inclusive Christian Movement

A university group providing a safe space for students, welcoming us to follow Jesus and build better relationships with each other and with our world. We welcome students of all denominations and are an LGBTQI affirming and inclusive group. 

We have been grateful this year to have built up a new online presence and welcomed new members to our group. We praise God for being able to hold weekly online meetings which have provided insightful discussion and a place for us to discuss and explore our faiths together. However, maintaining a strong sense of community is always going to be a struggle online. We pray for a continued growth and the opportunity to meet in person with one another. 

We particularly ask for your prayers in the formation of a committee next academic year, so that this group can continue to have a positive presence on campus. 

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Instagram: leedsinclusivechristians

Facebook: Inclusive Christian Movement Leeds