Joanna Project

At Joanna Project we work with women who suffer from a lifetime of disadvantage and are now trapped by addiction and street sex work. The issues they face are complex but we love to journey with them helping them improve their wellbeing and move closer to the life they want. 

Using the slightly adapted words of I Thessalonians ch 1 v 3 

“…our work is produced by faith, our labour prompted by love and our endurance by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

We are grateful that throughout the Covid Crisis we quickly adapted, so we were able to maintain frontline working, and in fact we had contact with significantly more women than usual. 

We are hoping that the situation improves in 2021 so we can reopen our Sanctuary as a gathering space where women can meet together and we long to be able to offer a loving hug again.

Jackie Hird 07854857116 / 01132 3508071