Would you like to become an LCCT Project

If you already have a community project in Leeds or are thinking of starting one, why not look into joining us here at LCCT and becoming a member project?

Project leaders have various reasons for joining LCCT. Commonly it is a combination of the cost benefits of shared functions, the ease of ‘not having to worry about’ all the details of setting up as an independent charity and wanting to be part of a relational network of support and mutuality. Working together LCCT member projects are creating an exciting way to lower costs as well as reducing the duplication of, (and time needed for), setting up and maintaining all the elements of being a charity.

If you like the sound of that…

First, take a look at the document below which will tell you about both the benefits of bringing your project under the LCCT umbrella, as well as what your responsibilities as a member would be.

Next, read through the LCCT vision and values. Do you align with the ethos of LCCT? Working from a common ground of the well-being of our city is important for us.

Want to join us?

Becoming a member project of LCCT is entering into a relationship with other people and projects, and as such you will want to know that LCCT is the right fit for you. Equally, while LCCT is very much up for taking risks on people and projects with a vision for the good of the city, we also need to know that there has been careful thought behind your initiative. Here are some questions we’ll want to ask you more about…

  • What is it that you are doing/ want to do?
  • Why are you passionate about this?
  • How do you plan to go about this?
  • Who else is involved?
  • Who else is doing similar things in the city? (we don’t want to be the cause of unnecessary duplication).
  • How do you propose to finance your plans and what is your budget?
  • What sort of support are you looking for?

We will want to get a good idea of your project plans, ideally in written form. If you are not at the stage of having fully worked out the answers to the questions above, we can hopefully help you think these things through and develop a project plan.

What do you do next?

If you have decided that you would like to bring your project or fledgeling idea into LCCT the first step in the process is to contact the LCCT office and we can guide you through.

Don’t need our full array of support?

If you don’t need the legal structure, back-office and development support, you might want to consider being an Associate Project/ Congregation or Individual member instead. Please contact our office on 0113 350 8622 for details.

LCCT gives us accountability and structure so we don’t have to have trustees. It gives us support and offers us training opportunities as well. Probably the biggest thing is that it gives you a sense of belonging. It can be very typical for small projects to feel like they’re on their own and that’s quite a challenge so being part of LCCT is really helpful.

Dave Paterson: Unity in Poverty Action

We feel very supported.

Julia Hyliger, Pathways

Thank you for keeping us on track!

Rose McCarthy, City of Sanctuary

It’s lovely being part of LCCT

Fidelis Cheba, Migrant Action

Brilliant, you support us, and we really appreciate it. Well done.

Hawa Bah, Hawa Dal


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