Our Vision

“Positive change in Leeds”

Our Aims

To be an effective and sustainable charity hub. We support projects enabling them to function well and thrive.

To encourage and facilitate connectivity and participation for the common good amongst the Christian community and the wider city of Leeds.

To work together within LCCT as a collaborative community based on shared Christian values.

Our Values

Empowering and Releasing

We empower and release individuals’ calling and creativity to bring positive change to Leeds by providing a supportive infrastructure and absorbing risk.

Faithful and Rooted

We are faithful to and rooted in the Kingdom of God and the communities we serve.

Accepting and Affirming

Being affirmed and accepted by God we seek to affirm each other and the people around us without judgement or prejudice.

United and Connected

We believe in the diversity and unity of the Church in Leeds and we recognise that we can achieve more when we work together. Therefore, we intentionally seek to share with one another to build and live out Kingdom values.

LCCT has actually helped me to build my new building. If it wasn’t for them helping me in the initial stages I don’t think I’d be here today

May Arthurton: Chapeltown and Harehills Area Learning and Training Project


LCCT is a charity that offers support and structure to fledgling initiatives or existing projects.