“Leeds Dads was looking for a structure to enable our project to move forward. LCCT has given us that as well as direction on finance and funding and has really helped us focus on our aims.”
Errol Murray
Leeds Dads

“LCCT have supported us for quite some years, financially and through lots of different advocacy and development work and I just found the vibe really good. I think its heart to serve the city and heart to serve God is really good. Being part of Leeds Christian Community Trust is a real blessing.
It gives us accountability and structure so we don’t have to have trustees. It gives us support and offers us training opportunities as well. Probably the biggest thing is that it gives you a sense of belonging. It can be very typical for small projects to feel like they’re on their own and that’s quite a challenge so being part of LCCT is really helpful.”
Dave Paterson
Unity in Poverty Action

“Without LCCT the vision for the Joanna Project would not have been possible. In the early days the support and structure were not things we could do ourselves. LCCT really released us to fly! We continue to value being part of the LCCT relational network that feels like home.”
Jackie Hird
Joanna Project

“LCCT has actually helped me to build my new building. If it wasn’t for them helping me in the initial stages I don’t think I’d be here today”
May Arthurton
Chapeltown and Harehills Area Learning and Training Project

“When T4P began as a city-wide festival in 2003, we had zero capacity to put time into creating a legal structure. LCCT supported us to find our feet, to grow and develop our funding streams, and eventually become an independent charity in 2008. I honestly don’t know if we’d have made it on our own.”
Mike Love
Together for Peace

Making a positive change in our city.