Prayer Walking

Bless Leeds 21 is a project which aims to prayer walk every street with an LS postcode between May and September 2021.  That makes it sound like a sponsored challenge.  Whilst there is no sponsorship involved, it is good to have a target. What? Prayer walking is simply praying whilst walking.  It is probably

An outside faith

Thanks to everyone who has been engaging with the prayer walking web app so far. 42 km of the city have been walked now and it's so encouraging to have a visual representation of the prayer that is happening in different areas. Several churches are also making this a summer project for their congregations and

Off to a Good Start

We’re off to a good start with the App, with a total of 12 routes earmarked or completed and 13.54km already walked! It’s really exciting as this starts to gather momentum and we see the routes appearing, knowing that these areas are being covered in prayer. We trust in a God whose power works

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